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Increase your chances to WIN on Lotto Scratch Offs
Lotto Crawler provides you the best choices for winning State Lotto Scratch Off tickets purchased at your local Lotto Retailer. We check the Remaining prizes for Scratch Off tickets, analyze the results using our Lotto Crawler algorithm and present you with the best choices to increase your chances of winning. Why purchase Scratch Off tickets blindly without knowing what your odds are? Worry no more, is here to help you pick the right Scratcher. Select your state to begin and let lotto Crawler work for you!

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This service is 100% free. We get paid when you see an ad that interests you and you click on it. We scratch your back, you scratch ours ;)

Recent Lotto Winners
PrizeStateScratch OffCost*Payout Date
$5,700,000.00IL20 Years Cash$5.0010/29/2014
$4,000,000.00IL$100 Million Money Mania$20.0010/29/2014
$2,000,000.00NJ$2,000,000 Mega Cash$20.0010/29/2014
$1,000,000.00NJ$150,000,000 Cash Spectacular$10.0010/29/2014
$1,000,000.00FL50X THECASH$10.0010/29/2014
$1,000,000.00WAMillion Dollar Mega Multiplier$20.0010/29/2014
$1,000,000.00GAMillion $$ Match$10.0010/29/2014
$1,000,000.00IL$300,000,000 Cash Spectclr$10.0010/29/2014
$500,000.00FL$500,000 JACKPOT$5.0010/29/2014
$250,000.00ILBlack Diamond 7s$5.0010/29/2014
$250,000.00GACadillac Riches$5.0010/29/2014
$200,000.00SCMoney Maker$10.0010/29/2014
$200,000.00CA 20X The Money$5.0010/29/2014
$150,000.00GAGiant Jumbo Bucks$5.0010/29/2014
$100,000.00VA10X THE MONEY$5.0010/29/2014
$100,000.00LA$100,000 Cash$5.0010/29/2014
$100,000.00TXHouston Texans$5.0010/29/2014
$100,000.00LA20x The Cash$5.0010/29/2014
$75,000.00CA High Roller Poker$5.0010/29/2014
$75,000.00CA Bingo 10X$5.0010/29/2014
$75,000.00CA Mega Crossword$5.0010/29/2014
$75,000.00SCTriple Tripler$3.0010/29/2014
*Payout Date - Date Scratchy noticed a change for this remaining prize. This could also mean the first time Scratchy crawled this scratcher or had to reset internal date information.

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I used to go to my local convenience store every Friday Night to pickup a few scratch off Lotto tickets without ever winning anything. Now that I found I have been so much more lucky! I know exactly which Scratchers will give me the best odds at winning! After my first experience with lotto Crawler, I went to my local Liqour store to purchase some Lotto tickets and won $100 on a pair of $2 scratchers. This is the first time I ever won anything this big!
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- Henry, New Jersey